Leadership for Success

In this seminar, Dr. Cassidy establishes the importance of leadership to the overall success of any organization. He presents recent research that demonstrates that the leadership abilities of the management team, not just those of the CEO have a major impact on organizational results. Using a number of exciting examples from history, Dr. Cassidy introduces several key lessons for leaders extracted from current thinking about leadership. He finishes with a challenge for the audience to put these ideas and the excitement his presentation produces to work right away in their own assignments. The seminar can last between 1 and 4 hours depending on depth and degree of audience interaction.

Leadership Workshop

In this full-day workshop, Dr. Cassidy begins with some of the material from the shorter Leadership For Success seminar and then builds on it through a series of interactive sessions to allow the participants to experience some of the leadership issues for themselves and begin to build valid plans to use their leadership skills to mobilize their organizations to address the most pressing strategic issues they each face.

Streamlined TQM

This customizable seminar provides an overview of the complete modern TQM system. It provides the foundation of quality from aligning the goals of an organization to the tools for providing daily control and break-through improvement. Dr. Cassidy or an associate bring the ideas alive through sharing their own experience in applying these ideas in their own careers. The seminar can be designed to last from 2 hours to all day, depending on the depth to be covered.

The Visual Workplace

This 1 to 2 hour seminar describes how to establish a visually controlled workplace. Dr. Cassidy presents the ideas that underpin the visual workplace and provides concrete examples from the office, the warehouse and the factory floor. Simple in concept , the visually controlled workplace provides instant feedback to anyone working in the environment from the hourly factory worker to the executive.

Management and Engineering Ethics

This seminar is based on a semester long course Dr. Cassidy created for SMU. It can be customized for presentation to either managers or engineers. A brief version takes about an hour and an all day version is available. The course is interactive and uses real cases to force participants to think about the increasingly complex ethical issues arising in today's global workplace.