Dr. Cassidy was responsible for the implementation of the TQM system at AT&T Power Systems. He provided training to thousands of employees in the fundamental concepts of quality, in the TQM system, and in the tools of quality such as the Quality Improvement Story, Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing) and statistical reasoning. He also audited every functional department in the firm, examining their understanding of the concepts as well as their implementation and results. He provided hands-on coaching as well as remedial training as needed to ensure that each department was prepared. This directly resulted in their being the first American manufacturing company to win the Deming Prize.

Dr. Cassidy has also streamlined the original TQM system to provide the same level of alignment with corporate goals, the same management control of results, and the same intensity of improvement but with a reduced level of bureaucracy. A white paper describing the streamlined approach is available on request.

Poka Yoke is Japanese for mistake proofing. This technique accepts that human beings will inevitably make mistakes. Instead of providing re-instruction when these random errors occur, we can help you develop simple low cost mistake proofing tools that will eliminate the possibility of these errors ever happening again. In one electronics manufacturing plant, occasional misplacing of keying plugs caused hundreds of field returns annually and once or twice yearly destruction of hardware worth thousands of dollars in the field. The creation of a set of templates for less than $50 has completely eliminated these errors saving tens of thousands of dollars.

These systems and tools have been taught to thousands of managers and professionals from around the world. Companies receiving training cover a broad range of industries including: electronic manufacturing, heavy equipment manufacturing, mining, consumer goods manufacturing, health maintenance organizations, and hospitals.